Patch Management

Patch Management For Federal Clients Services

The rise of widespread worms and malicious code targeting known vulnerabilities on unpatched systems, and the resultant downtime and expense they bring, is one of the biggest reasons organizations are focusing on patch management. Increasing concern around governance and regulatory compliance (e.g. HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley) has pushed enterprises to gain better control and oversight of their information assets.

EOR developed an industry-leading patch management solution designed to automatically scan and deploy both Linux and Windows security patches to multiple computers from a central console. It features a broad range of time saving patch management tools, including the ability to create and save custom scans and a scan scheduler. EOR’s patch management programs will team unique technological solutions with policy and operationally based components developed by EOR to work together to address each organization’s unique needs.

  • Patch Management System helps your organization manage security, critical and software updates for your corporate networks.
  • Platform independent and can be used to resolve security issues that come up during vendor’s updates.
  • Patch Management System provides all updates from all vendors on this single platform.