High Security Data Center

High Security Data Center For Business Services

EOR provides a large and scalable facility that is designed to optimize and protect IT operations. A diversely routed fiber optic OC-192 backbone provides reliable, high-speed Internet access and guarantees the bandwidth. As Internet technology has become more complicated and e-commerce has grown, both business and government entities have looked for a solution to the problem of maintaining their Internet infrastructure. EOR provides this security via our High-Security Datacenter to house Internet assets, Additionally, as an independent ISP EOR offers high-speed, multi-homed, highly reliable network. EOR offers high-security datacenter collocation services, dedicated hosting services, managed security services and dedicated Internet connectivity.

EOR’s designed the HSDCs access control systems to provide the highest security but minimal impact to our clients as possible. We believe that we have created a much more secure environment with zero additional hassle for our clients.

EOR’s HSDC incorporates state of the art, multi-tiered proximity key and biometric access control systems to protect your valuable information systems assets.

Physical access to your valuable assets is protected by four independent systems.

Branches of Artificial Intelligence

After normal business hours, physical access to the entire interior of the building is protected by proximity key access.

Proximity-Key access to the EnterZone HSDC Lobby

Physical access to the HSDC Lobby is locked 24 hours a day, requiring a valid proximity key for entry. This access system Is Independent of the proximity key system for entrance to the building interior.

Biometric Hand-Scanner access to EnterZone HSDC “ManTrap”

Upon gaining access to the HSDC lobby, persons requiring access into the actual datacenter rust authenticate themselves with our biometric hand scanner. They provide positive identification and can not be duplicated or forged.

Interlocking “ManTrap” door entrance to the HSDC

To gain acces to the HDLC interior, visitors must enter an Interlocking “ManTrap” area designed rent “tailgating” or unauthorized persons from gaining access to the datacenter.