Our Benefits


Motivosity for Employee

EOR utilizes Motivosity for Employee Recognition and Awards


Satisfaction Rating

EOR received a 100% Employee Satisfaction Rating and is rated amongst the top 10 happiest places to work in the world


Medical Benefits

EOR offers bespoke Health, Dental, Vision, Life, STD, LTD, AD&D DBA, KMP and other insurances offerings


Financial Benefits

EOR offers bespoke financial planning, financial literacy, financial wellness, retirement packages like 401k and other solutions with advanced online management tools


Educational Benefits

EOR offers educational benefits through our Vocational Technical School, our University and through our online training platform of more than 300,000 courses. that includes test questions and answers, certification support, live instructor led training, live bootcamps, online bootcamps, prerecorded bootcamps, help desk and other advanced support for all areas of professional development abs advancement


Veterans Support Services

EOR offers Veterans support services, to include but not limited to initial Disability Rating Support, increased Disability Rating Support, Health and Wellness Training Support, PTS Growth Support, PTSD Mitigation Support, TBI Mitigation Support Mass Tort Litigation Support and many other benefits for Veterans and our Community


Competitive Pay Advancement

EOR offers offers competitive pay advancement, long term contract placement a mature team of professionals to grow with, & 34 year corporate history 129 contracts awarded by the US Federal Government


Support Nonprofits Community

EOR offers a pay it forward model with our various nonprofits to support our Veteran Community, our Religious Freedoms, Positive Economy and Healthy outcomes for us all


Discretionary Time Off Packages

EOR also offers competitive Discretionary Time Off Packages for Sick Leave, FMLA, Veteran Recall and Activation Time, Vacation Time, and many other benefits as well.