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We use Leading Edge Technology to exponentially improve your health at the cellular level.

EOR and Entelechi understands trauma and stress. We know that traumatic stress is debilitating. Our mission is to help struggling veterans, first responders, and their families rediscover hope, purpose, and a belief in a future that is truly worth living. Our Team utilizes the science of Post traumatic Growth to train participants through a proven process of transformation.

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What we offer

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Multi year science research projects that EOR has invested into for Lasting Change.

I built complete faith, ultimate certainty and genuine accountability at Date with Destiny, which helped me become the top government contractor in an industry of 7,000 companies. Then, we were able to really take our contribution to the next level when the VA offered us $125 million to help heal veterans and I love that. As if that wasn’t enough, the governor of Arkansas then offered us a $500 million facility to train veterans in. So that’s $750 million towards our balance sheet in the last one year. And I look forward to paying forward this great gift that you’ve given to me! Thank you Tony!

– Robert Beringer

Source: Date with Destiny