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At EOR, we match highly qualified IT and cybersecurity professionals to amazing career opportunities and experiences around the globe. Just as importantly, we provide the education, coaching and benefits you need to prosper. Not just as our employee, but as the person you aspire to be.

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EOR partners with world class training institutions to offer certifications in the technologies and skills today’s military and civilian organizations demand.

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EOR:A Recognized Leader

CIO Review
Bob Beringer, The Electronic On-Ramp


Scored out of school by the tender age of nine, 
Robert Beringer, initially formed EOR when he was 13. Keeping that fact aside, let’s look at his extraordinary career trajectory. In the U.S. Marine Corps…

The Technology Headlines
Thinking Unconventionally in a Changing World

The Technology Headlines

Starting a company, building infrastructure, and devising complex solutions for the information superhighway would be a stretch for most people, let alone a 13-year-old. However, for Robert Beringer, CEO & Founder of Electronic On-Ramp (EOR), it was just the logical thing to do. But we’re skipping ahead.

Linux Clustering with CSM and GPFS


In order to understand IBM’s clustering solution, we should have a clear understanding of clusters, Linux, and the Open Source movement. This chapter introduces basic clustering concepts and terminology. The knowledge gained throughout this chapter will serve as an effective foundation for the rest of this redbook.

Build Your Future Here

EOR Technical Institute

EOR Technical Institute (ETI)
is a leader that provides transitioning Military Members and Civilians with technical education, skill building activities and meaningful experiences for those that are ready to “Injoy” the next steps in their life.

The Purpose of ETI is to share high quality training, skills & certifications that provide our graduates with the tools required for a better life filled with meaningful relationships, employment in related industries and a solid plan for each person to make 6 figure incomes within 60 months.