Malware Analysis

Malware Analysis For Federal Clients Services

What is Malware?

Malware is acronym and means malicious software. The implication is that it includes all software that exhibits malicious behavior. If we take the entire set of software we assume the vast majority of available software is not programmed with any malicious intent. Some of this software contains noticeable bugs that may or may not cause some damage. However, we normally assume the intent is benign, and do not consider such anomalies malicious. In order to detect Malware, we need to define a measurable property, with which we can detect it.

Methodology Used for Malware Analysis

EOR believes that the majority of enterprises that outsource the monitoring and management of perimeter security will increase their security level at equal or reduced cost to internal efforts. Several competitors are offering Malware Analysis software packages of rudimentary applications and toolsets.

The framework proposed is broadly divided into six stages. They are:

  • Creating a controlled environment
  • Base lining the environment
  • Information collection
  • Information analysis 
  • Reconstructing the big picture
  • Documenting the results

EOR has developed a software package for Malware Analysis with thoughts toward future network impacts, whereas other packages are designed to capture attacks modeled after past incidents.

EOR offers a full range of services and incorporates innovative technologies that are unique to the industry.