CIO Review

CIO Review

Robert Beringer, CEO & Founder, The Electronic On-Ramp


Scored out of school by the tender age of nine, Robert Beringer, initially formed EOR when he was 13. Keeping that fact aside, let’s look at his extraordinary career trajectory. In the U.S. Marine Corps, he was meritoriously promoted in boot camp, acknowledged in Combat School, and went on to earn a perfect score at the Naval Marine Corps Intelligence Training Center (NMITC). Beringer created web applications, RFI Automation Solutions, expanded the Military’s Secret Internet, Top Secret Networks, promoted to work for the only terminally deployed 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit, Special Operations Capable (MEUSOC). During September 2001 Beringer’s MEU(SOC) was ordered to provide Special Operation Support Services in both Iraq and Afghanistan. During this time he was promoted to Sergeant and became the go-to expert for designing new tactical communications systems for 3rd Force Reconnaissance Operators, Navy Seals, and other intelligence professionals. Beringer was eventually recruited out of the Marine Corps to participate in managing the Supercomputing Lab for the X-35 Joint Strike Fighter. During his time there he was able to assist in building, securing and deploying portions of the Next Generation (BeoWulf) High Performance Computing Cluster responsible for modeling the absorption and deflection rates of enemy radar and emissions.

Beringer is also one of the first 20 Quantum Computer certified programmers in the world and has been working with teams of Quantum Crypto Developers since 2007. Utterly impressed by Beringer’s work, IBM hired him to author a Red Book for them in the area of High Performance Computing entitled “Linux Clustering with CSM and GPFS.” He is also the inventor of eDATA which is a solution that automates, correlates, monitors and empowers Electronic Data Analysis and Transactional Accountability through Auditing all forms of unstructured and structured data.

It is evident that Beringer, is a person who has experientially known the ins and outs of the defense realm—specifically the naval sector—at technical, operational and HR levels, is the man cut out to carry the beacon of novelty into the space. EOR is one of our Nation’s “Best Kept Secrets”; this information is reprinted based on our exclusive interview Beringer who today serves as company’s CEO and founder.

According to Beringer, recurring cyber breaches, the Economic Recession of 2008 followed by the Budget Control Act of 2011, sequestration, furlough and years of LPTA created an adverse impact on defense operations at large. Such factors resulted in fewer dollars to pay for livable wages, and more importantly, livable bill rates. Consequently, public organizations raised capital from the stock market while small businesses coped with massive mergers and acquisitions (M&As). The government and defense agencies had to deal with changing prime contractors, certification requirements and clearance processing time.

“EOR addresses these market pain points with innovation, creative solutions, and alignment with our customers,” says Beringer. Trained to thrive in austere conditions and overcome them, the core management team of the company aims to enhance operational efficiency at reduced costs by innovating scalable and sustainable business solutions for its customers.