EOR wins multi-year Forensics Contract

EOR’s staff of technical experts have been contracted to provide technical support for exploiting cryptographic weaknesses, for delivering quantum computing solutions and for providing law enforcement support to our customers at the National Level.

EOR develops new Unconventional (UW) Training Solution

EOR’s team of experienced operators, combined with our information operations team and our civil affairs teams have developed a new capability that measure effectiveness (MoE’s) that lead the way for our customers and for developing leap ahead solutions for our customers to support rapidly evolving situations that effectively leverage technical solutions around the world.

EOR develops MRAP and C4ISR Platforms

EOR demonstrated its ability to lead the ISR community by building a future combat system that is comprised of more than 210 system of systems and that provides advanced capabilities and communications solutions to special customers around the world.

EOR wins new contract for UAV and Drone Production

EOR was recently contracted to provide UAV development support for our customers, this includes XML normalization for heterogeneous platforms, to include the ability to provide new ISR capabilities, support for battle damage assessment, range extension and additional support for the special operations community.

EOR wins Prime Contract for Cryptographic Support

EOR won a new contract to support the creation of and the manufacturing support for cryptographic algorithms.

EOR wins Prime Contraact for Irregular Warfare Support

source analytic intelligence products and assessments that support of Irregular Warfare, Asymmetric Warfare, Kinetic, Kinetic and Unconventional Warfare .

EOR agreed to support Geographical Combatant Commands (GCC) and provide analytical effort to evaluate the level of threat, determine capabilities and weaknesses, and identify potential vulnerabilities that could be exploited to dissuade, deny, disrupt, or destroy their capabilities.

EOR provides the Intelligence Community information to defeat international threats to include insurgencies, guerrilla movements, terrorist and criminal networks, improvised explosive device networks, and other problem sets (to include, but not limited to Information Operations, Modeling and Simulation, and Socio-Cultural analysis) by developing an understanding of these threats and by providing intelligence support to policy makers, planners, and operational forces engaged against them. EOR successfully provides intelligence support for Irregular Warfare efforts; this includes researching, compiling, evaluating, and integrating all-source data into analytic products.

Rural Broadband Project

In a combined operations effort, EOR and SMI have begun to support several counties in the State of Alabama with a new Wireless Internet Service that will enable growth, productivity, emergency response, and education for many households that have not previously had access to high-speed data communications networks in the past.

New Office Established in Sierra Vista, Arizona

EOR’s office in Arizona officially opened up this morning and will be focusing on efforts that support the Army and will be leveraging the TEIS II contract vehicle in coordination with several of our partner companies and local friends. This new effort will allow for EOR to further promote its capabilities in the Special Forces Arena and in supporting advanced Biometric solutions. Additional efforts will include DITSCAP, DIACAP, and other Certification, Accreditation, and Testing efforts global.

Kingdom of Bahrain Offers Letter of Recommendation

EOR has completed providing services for the computerization of the Crown Prince’s International Scholarship Program in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

From the initial setup, all technical issues relating to the installation were apropriately taken care by EOR, with the direction of General Manager Richard Bituin, EOR was able to provide tremendous technical assistance in fullfilling all requirements.

Details of Dr. Ronald Koller’s (Director of Crown Prince’s International Scholarship Program) recommendation can be read here.

New Cyber-Security Offerings

On the cyber-security side of the house, EOR’s Anti-Fraud and NERC Business Practices are now complete, with the recent addition of a service that it have been working to solidify for over a year now.
These new efforts will work to protect internal systems and to track down criminals when they attempt to use unauthorized information. In addition EOR has also been able to launch two next generation IDS solutions that are powered by Artificial Intelligence Engine’s and Oscilloscope like technology and that doesn’t require the use of traditional signatures for finding unauthorized activities. With these new services now made tangible, with a little luck and a lot more effort EOR will now be able to soon submit several Anti-Fraud, Anti-Phishing, SCADA, and PCI proposals that we wanted to develop on our dime and are now long overdue.
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