At Insyte, we are committed to ensuring the student’s success. After all, today’s student may sit alongside our consultants, our clients, or our peers. If a former student of ours is ill- prepared, it affects us all, including the reputation we have built over the years. Our commitment to the student and to our profession, is that this will not happen. Insyte offers hands-on instructor led training. Each student has his or her own individual workstation. Classes consist of a combination of lectures, group exercises, and hands-on exercises. We teach technology, how to diagnose, provide the support and skills to complete the task. We make sure our graduates attain the certifications and skills employers are looking for.


eEye Digital Security is a leading vulnerability management software developer with a unique approach to enterprise security – eliminate vulnerabilities, rather than just thwart attacks. eEye’s integrated suite of vulnerability management solutions enable organizations to manage the entire lifecycle of security threats: before, during, and after attacks.

Secure Ninja

SecureNinja , a privately held corporation, was founded in 2003 in Alexandria, Virginia by a highly experienced management group averaging over 20 years in the IT training and consulting fields. Whether the need is for training and certification or the solution demands infrastructure, security and software engineering. SecureNinja’s unique ability to deliver mission critical solutions set us apart from others in the technical field.